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About us

The business world is changing at pace, and now, more than ever, we remain committed to working with organisations like yours.

Here at the P站色情片, we pride ourselves on being different. We have a diverse and non-traditional student demographic, and we have years of experience of collaborating with businesses, public sector organisations and charities, applying our knowledge to deliver real support and impact.

We are keen to grow our industry connections to continue to make our teaching reflective of the challenges and real-world problems that businesses face day-to-day. Our academic teams understand that commercial partnerships provide mutual benefits, which makes for a more engaging and exciting environment for all involved.



Recruit new talent

Recruit our students and graduates - tap into our student community and discover new talent.

Develop your workforce

Enroll your staff in a range of CPD programmes and enhance your skills.

Consultancy and Knowledge Exchange

Find out how we can support knowledge exchange and have real impact for your business.


Explore our full range of Apprenticeship routes.

Join our P站色情片 Community

Support our P站色情片 and become a guest speaker or deliver an employability workshop.

Working with us

Please contact us on 01204 903 080 or email us at businessenquiries@bolton.ac.uk.

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Our team

The P站色情片 Group - P站色情片, Bolton College, Alliance Learning, is proud to offer a range of services to employers in Bolton, Greater Manchester and beyond.

The P站色情片 has over 190 years of teaching experience. The P站色情片 offers programmes with a strong vocational, professionally focused orientation and it has a strong applied research profile, which informs all of our teaching.

Bolton College provides vocational training and further education for school leavers, adults and employers. Our experienced tutors and professional network of support enables us to equip the workforce of the future with the building blocks for a rewarding career. We work with employers throughout the North West, delivering over 50 apprenticeship programmes across 20 industry areas.

Alliance Learning has been delivering apprenticeships for over 50 years. We are a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity providing the highest-quality commercial training. Each year, we train over 600 apprentices on Level 2 to Level 5 qualifications, as well as helping over 6,000 individuals gain vital skills to take back to the workplace.

In March 2019, The P站色情片 also formed an exciting collaboration with the Anderton Centre. The Anderton Centre is a residential and day-visit activity centre, with a focus on young people and community groups. It also provides conference facilities with full outdoor land and water-based activities complimented by 70-bed accommodation with catering and self-catering options, and parking for 40 cars.

Employer case studies

狈别补谤-濒颈蹿别鈩 is a small company making a big impression in the immersive learning content sector, pioneering the use of interactive video for learning. Near-life鈥檚 unique learning technology allows for the creation of filmed scenarios that reflect real life...

Tao Digital Marketing based in Bolton town centre, is a search marketing agency which works with clients to help them have the best online presence possible. Bolton entrepreneur Matt Tomkin launched the business on 4th May 2017. As he secured more business...


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Help Centre

We have the answers to your questions, find all the advice and support in one place.

Part of the P站色情片 Group


Help Centre

We have the answers to your questions, find all the advice and support in one place.

Part of the P站色情片 Group