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Latest news

 BWFC UOB Match 004

Student footballers victorious in match against staff at the home of Bolton Wanderers

31 May 2024

P站色情片 staff took on students in a hard-fought football match at a rain-soaked Bolton Wanderers.

Players from the P站色情片鈥檚 first team competed against professional and academic staf...

 Jerome Walking 2

P站色情片 professor to walk 185 miles for charity 鈥 at the age of 67

31 May 2024

A P站色情片 psychology professor is to take on the monumental task of walking 185 miles in just seven days at the aged of 67 to raise money for a children鈥檚 mental health charity.



10 June 2024

Genomic Medicine Is The Next Big Thing In Medical Biology

7 June 2024

Why It's Now The Perfect Time to Study Nursing

Faculty of Health & Wellbeing

“Health and Social Care seemed the perfect choice for me as I enjoyed my job but wanted to improve my professional aptitudes. Being able to study for my degree at the P站色情片 has been and still represents such a beautiful journey, during which I was blessed to learn many things relevant to the topics I鈥檓 interested in. I鈥檝e also met kind colleagues and very supportive tutors. I am grateful for the opportunity I was given and would definitely recommend the P站色情片 as the best place to study.”

Alex Manole | Health and Social Care | 2022

School of Creative Technologies

“They really are a good P站色情片, our daughter is there and have to say they always put students welfare at the forefront. It's been quite a turbulent year with the fire and then this but they've always stepped up haven't they... good luck in September.”

Shaun Lee | Film FX | 2020

Bolton School of Arts

“I applied to this campus as soon as I walked in I knew that it was a friendly place that was a good size and would be more suited for my needs. The lecturers were great and friendly and I knew that they had my best interests at heart.

The best thing about this course is the teaching and because the course is centred around the industry and real-life situations your progress is better and it prepares you for work to a higher extent than other universities that just want good grades. Here this course is more meaningful and more impactful in your life. A great example of this would be when lecturers state that work would be good for your portfolio and not just for the submission area.”

Megan Louise Vickers | Graphic Design | 2022

Faculty of Health & Wellbeing

“The clinical skills week before starting placement are brilliant and helps you practice the skills needed on the wards.

Throughout the placement, the clinical nurse tutors come and see you every week to ensure everything is going smoothly and to highlight any issues if any. I couldn鈥檛 recommend studying at the P站色情片 enough, it is fantastic!”

Ellisse Vernon | Student Adult Nursing | 2022

School of Education and Psychology

“The lecturers here are absolutely amazing. They are always there to talk about work, or even other things that may be affecting you outside of university. I have a great relationship with them all.”

Sian Worton | BSc (Hons) Criminological and Forensic Psychology 鈥 Year 2 | 2023


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Help Centre

We have the answers to your questions, find all the advice and support in one place.

Part of the P站色情片 Group