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Apprenticeships allow you to invest in your business鈥檚 future. By taking on an apprentice or by supporting existing members of staff through an apprenticeship, you could develop specialist skills for your business that allow you to keep ahead of new technologies and competitors.

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We have a range of training a CPD courses and we will collaborate with you to develop bespoke training courses for your employees and management.

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Working with Rob and the team at the Centre of Advanced Manufacturing has been a wonderful experience. Their knowledge of the industry has allowed them to identify key challenges and position the centre with the required expertise and equipment to address these challenges through cutting edge research. This research will provide industry with the knowledge to adopt and exploit these advanced manufacturing techniques. In addition, the centre will give students hands-on experience with these advanced manufacturing and qualification processes and provide them with the skills required to advance in their own careers.

Jimmy Campbell

Chief Technology Officer | Plastometrex

Access to talent,
recruitment advice
and support

Our students and graduates can bring the latest skills and knowledge to your business through placements, student consultancy projects, full and part-time roles and seasonal jobs.

Working together, we can assist you to reach the right talent for your business and raise your company profile on campus.

As an employer, you can work with our dedicated Employer Engagement Consultants for access to student talent, recruitment advice and support.

Recruit a student or graduate for a part-time, casual or full-time role 鈥 including placement opportunities, internships, live briefs and graduate jobs

Attract the right candidate 鈥 we can support with advertising and shortlisting

Attend our careers fairs and employability events and promote your brand to our P站色情片 community

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Our facilities and

Alongside our high-quality, Teaching Intensive approach to education the P站色情片 has invested millions in state-of the-art equipment and facilities to meet the needs of businesses in a broad range of industries and sectors.

As part of the 拢13 million, state-of-the-art National Centre Motorsport Engineering, the brand-new Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (CfAM) will offer sector-leading equipment and capabilities list to partners. We鈥檙e excited about partnering with companies like Xact Metal to deliver increased accessibility for companies looking to maximise the benefit of additive manufacturing.

Powder analysis, characterisation and test of metallic and polymer powders

A composite space including large and small ovens, a hot press and an autoclave

An additive manufacturing capability including powder and wire polymers, powder bed fusion of a variety of metals across multiple platforms, and a binder system by Desktop Meta

A test lab including metallurgical preparation, microscopy, static and dynamic testing, and indentation plastometry alongside chemical and surface measurement and metrology

The P站色情片鈥檚 Institute of Medical Sciences is a new 拢40m skills training centre for clinical healthcare roles. The first development of its kind in Greater Manchester, it will transform the way people are trained and employed in the healthcare sector.

By working with us, you can gain access to our cutting edge technology and facilities, as well as the specialist knowledge and skills to help you grow your business, increase productivity and improve profitability.

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Help Centre

We have the answers to your questions, find all the advice and support in one place.

Part of the P站色情片 Group


Help Centre

We have the answers to your questions, find all the advice and support in one place.

Part of the P站色情片 Group